Continu Vault-automated online backup

13 04 2009

From Jen Shier:

When I first saw this ad on the back of a bus, I laughed out loud.  For this reason, I think it’s mainly an affective ad.  I grew up in a time before political correct-ness came to its full fruition, and in my high school psychology class we were made to watch a movie called “Who’s OK, Who’s not OK.” For weeks my friends and I went around jokingly deeming who was psychologically OK and who was not, but I digress.  The target audience may well be close to my age, so it works.
I also think this ad works in Eugene because of its hippy nature.  There is a strong representation of religions and philosophies in Eugene that use meditation, and they generally are not thought to be the suit-wearing types.  This contradiction, the meditation in the business suit, contributes to the ads humorous and ironic appeal.
On another level, any businessperson these days should be concerned about the security of his or her sensitive business data, and the ad plays on this anxiety.  This ad is shows how the client can satisfy a valid need in its target market, and is likely to get a chuckle as well.  ☺




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