Apple Gamma

13 04 2009

From Patrick Sullivan

The featured commercial is a copy of Apple’s iPod ad entitled “Gamma.” The original ad can be found by going to the below address and clicking on the “Gamma” clip.
This ad highlights one of Apple’s major successes in the advertising realm: their ability to seamlessly cross various media forms and still keep the exact same message. In the case of Apple’s iPod advertising, the company has used the dancing silhouette with bright white headphones and iPod for several years both in TV commercials and every form of print. As shown through the videos emergence on YouTube, the company has even mastered the viral video market without outwardly forcing themselves into it. We all know there is an Apple culture and it is this rise to advertising nirvana that makes Apple so successful. To put it in another way, the entire advertisement you hopefully just watched does not include the word “apple,” yet as a media-influenced viewer, you knew that the featured words “iPod +  iTunes” refers to their parent company: Apple.




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