The Science of Sexy by Dita- The Full Wonderbra Film

10 04 2009

From Justin Hiserote

Silent commercials (no spoken words)
I am usually not a fan of lingerie commercials, but I like this one.  I mostly like it because Dita Von Teese is in it, but I also like because there is no voiceover.
This commercial is basically a silent advertisement which is an interesting concept.  The ad does use some sound effects and music, but there is no spoken dialogue/voiceover.  The majority of ads that we see today all have some kind of spoken language in them.  Wonderbra realizes that they do not need a voiceover to explain what they are selling (unlike a certain competitor) as the product can sell itself without one.  The commercial was also created for both the UK and France which could explain why it was silent.  Making a commercial in one language is already complicated enough.  Making the same commercial in two different languages is a daunting task.




4 responses

15 04 2009
Cristina Dunning

Without paying close attention to the bright blue/white light about 45 seconds into the ad, I thought the ad was for breast implants or breast enhancement supplements (or something along those lines, but definitely not a physical bra or piece of lingerie). So due to science, but essentially out of nowhere, the woman suddenly has big breasts and is sexy. Um, I was confused here. And why is she dancing around? And I agree with Kelsey, why does she dance around for so long? The dancing and lack of speech bored me, I almost didn’t even make it to the end of the ad except for my curiosity. Finally, not until the end of the ad did I realize what it was specifically for. (Must be a French thing! Ha ha, just kidding.)

13 04 2009
Kelsey Abbott

I liked the idea of taking a lingerie commercial and bringing a broadway setting to the commercial. Although I did think this commercial was a little long and in the end did not leave me wanting to buy that type of lingerie. I think that the use of the character helps promoting the lingerie and gives a feeling of a sexy, old fashioned woman. This commercial seems to target to the working women because of the setting of the commercial and the charcter as well.

12 04 2009
Jennifer Shier

I dig the over-the-top, Broadway-musical style in this ad. The music is really central to the theme because it harkens the glittering, glossy golden age of studio film and it’s also very strip tease sounding. I think a voice-over would diminish it. The whole thing has a very retro feel, which fits with the style of lingerie. Grabbing your boobs and busing out into sexy song and dance right amid the clinical work environment is petty funny too. Seriously this ad creates a lot of resonance because it evokes the icon of the glamorous sex goddess, and it’s affective because it’s humorous.

10 04 2009
Sarah Lowe

What I enjoyed about this commerical was the idea of a narrative and selling not just attributes but benefits. If you wear the lingerie you are transformed from bland to glamorous. I think the commerical is very effective especially since the beginning scientist is the same person as the glamazon.

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