10 04 2009

From Audrey Vejraska

I chose this video because I really enjoy all of the Orbit Gum commercials. I think they are very unique and stand out from other competitor’s commercials. They all have a consistent theme, which is using examples of things that are dirty, such as a “dirty mouth” and making it clean again with Orbit Gum. This one is my favorites out of them because I love the word “lint-licker” in this commercial, and it is funny.




One response

22 04 2009
Adam Ungson

This ad is creative and plays with language and character really well. I think it is a greta challenge for a gum company to advertise and market itself. Any gum brand could have been inserted in this ad, so more information could be needed, but on the other hand, people will associate Orbit gum with this campaign.

What I notice in most stores, like 7-11, is that Orbit gum provides the most flavors and usually dominates the gum selection. While this humorous approach does grab your attention and is effective in gaining audience attention, I do not think a whole campaign that relies on this approach of language/humor can last. Orbit needs to find some other strategic and creative ways to highlight their benefits and values.

Why should I, and its target audience, buy Orbit gum instead of another brand? What qualities of Orbit draw me in?

-Adam Ungson-

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