What’s G?

9 04 2009

From Taylor Lilley

This is one of the newest commercials for one of the type of gatorade lines, recently changed from Fierce to Bring It. This is a part of their newest marketing strategy and campaign. There is a question of how someone defines “G.” Big time or well known athletes star in majority of this commercials for Gatorade. They define what Bring It means to them. I find it interesting that at the beginning of this campaign, the first ad ran during the super bowl. At the end of the commercial, the product itself was not in the commercial. It left the viewer with a picture of the letter G. I found this interesting because how many people would pick up on the commercial and realize Gatorade is the product being advertised. By the high performance athletes such as Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods? As time has passed however, the end of the commercials have a picture of the actual product. I am curious if this was a strategic move on Gatorade’s part, to just introduce the theme of their new campaign to create a sense of curiosity to viewers initially without the product. Or if they learned that by not having the product people were getting confused and turning away from this new brand image of “G.” This commercial is for the drink labeled “Bring It” which is a pretty significant change from Fierce. I would love to know exactly what Gatorade’s planned strategy and positioning was when they they brought in a whole new team of marketers for this change.

From Sam Smith:

This new Gatorade ad, or should I say G, is full of well known athletes but does a poor job of utilizing them to sell G. The athletes are not playing sports or even in their athletic attire, which is when most people drink G. The new ad campaign did not inspire me to drink G, rather it made me wonder why G spent so much money to cast amazing athletes and not even use their full potential to help sell their product.




2 responses

11 05 2009
Rachel Cohn

The first time that I saw one of these Gatorade ads, I was watching with some friends who do not really play or follow sports. When the commercial began, they began talking about how they had no idea what G was. I watched the commercial and knew right away that the commercial was for Gatorade. By using high profile athletes, these G ads are meant to target people interested in sports. I do think it’s a good thing that Gatorade has added an image of their product at the end so that everyone will be able to realize that this is a Gatorade commercial. It makes me wonder if Gatorade wanted an original mystery surrounding to stir up interest around their new product or not.

5 05 2009
Dustin Tanquary

I think these are the best ads that Gatorade has done and what continues to make them the leader in the sports drink catagory. In these ads they never mention anything about the product, in fact they never really even mention who the ad is for, though it is still extremely powerful. The first time I saw this I actually looked up the ad to find out exactly who it was for, which I’ve heard a few others have done as well. However, now everybody knows who it is for and they are even that much more effective. In showing the most famous faces in sports history and it being commentated by one of the major voices in todays young culture, LIl’ Wayne, it does a great job of reaching its target audience. The ad gives a sense of history and class, two things that coincide with the gatorade brand.

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