9 04 2009

From Hannah Moore:

In class on Tuesday, we talked about the ads done by Apple and PC, and the reasons both ads had strengths and weaknesses. We discussed that PC failed to do a good job of “rebutting” Apple’s  ad which pointed out the flaws in Window’s Vista. What about advertising that truly shows the consumers the differences between what Apple computers can do versus what PC computers can do? They need to shut-down all the assumptions people are making. Show them the details, not the big picture. A recent $32 million Ad Campaign for UPS does just this. Their consumers are under the impression that the UPS store is capable of doing only one thing well: Shipping. Their ads combine “new visual style” techniques to express that shipping is only one of the attributes of UPS, they do a lot more than that. It is also targeted to help SMALL business owners succeed. That’s what I call alternative but successful advertising.

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