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9 04 2009

From Kathleen Latiolait

I choose this advertisement because it has remained one of my favorite advertisements of all time. It came out at a time when Britney Spears was very popular and really took advantage of her youthfulness and popularity to promote Pepsi. This commercial came out at a time when Pepsi was coming out with a new advertisements every week. Each commercial featured a different celebrity. This particular commercial I think portrayed Pepsi’s values and image very well. It caught the attention of the youth by keying in on Spears’ sex appeal and popularity.




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13 04 2009
Veronica Day

This commercial brings back memories and feelings of nostalgia for me. I think this ad totally capitalized on Britney Spears as a young, popular, sexy performer at the time, and Pepsi definitely was wise to use her in the commercial. Pepsi as a company wants the image of being hip and youthful, and at the time, using Britney Spears in the advertisement suggested just that, that drinking Pepsi is what hot people like Britney Spears drink and you will be like her or at least be associated with a product that she endorses if you also consume the product.

12 04 2009
Alexander Diaz

This commercial is effective in that it influences brand switching or at least a try-out by reminding consumers of the positive benefits already mentioned in the previous comment, “Young, cool and sexy”.
Pepsi tries to add value to its brand by influencing constructive perceptions through celebrity endorsement. However, when negative publicity about celebrity endorsers reaches consumers, this can affect consumer’s motivation and purchasing intentions. So, will Britney Spears current image be capable of endorsing a brand and generate favorable influence in consumer’s attitudes?
Usually celebrity endorsers match their intended audiences in terms of physical attractiveness and performance; nonetheless, credibility decreases when they get into trouble or behaviors that disappoint the targeted audience. For instance, celebrity’s reputation needs to be consistent with the valued delivered for the advertised brand.

9 04 2009
Courtney Doss

Oh, Brittney Spears. At the time this commercial was first aired Brittney Spears was considered one of the “hot-innocent, but scandalous” young female celebrities. As we learned in class, Pepsi’s value is the youthful image. By using Brittney Spears in their ad they are portraying their value of youth and incorporating that with what Britney Represents. So not only does she exemplify youthfulness, but she is “cool and hot”. Therefore the commercial suggests that drinking Pepsi will make you feel young, cool, and sexy.

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