Making Millions of Dollars in 15 Minutes

9 04 2009

From Robert Hribernick

The National Basketball Association’s most recent advertising campaign, which promotes the upcoming playoffs, builds on the theme they established with its, “Where Amazing Happens” campaign. This time the ads pose the question, “Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?” The ads are pretty stunning, showing slow-motion, black and white footage of amazing plays from recent years’ playoff games, played over Ludovico Einaudi’s mesmerizing “Fly” piano solo. They perfectly capture the drama, the emotion, and the sheer basketball wizardry that the NBA playoffs are known for, and are among my personal favorite series of advertisements. Despite their artistry and effectiveness, they are undeniably simple, and incredibly easy to produce, allowing the NBA to reap millions of dollars and an entire series of ads in about an hours work on Final Cut Pro.

The first link is one of the NBA’s ads, featuring the league’s latest messiah, LeBron James.

This second link is an ad from a series my roommates and I made that uses the same format of the NBA’s ads to promote our Miniball league, which I edited together in 15 minutes.




3 responses

29 04 2009
Nelofer Haider

I love these ads. Watching them really does evoke a positive stored feeling of excitment from watching really good games and really good plays. I like that its really simple and they are making a great appeal to their target audience. The ads aren’t really informational because there target already has awarness interest and desire. They just a little reminder to make actions happen.

13 04 2009
Jon Steinberg

I really like the ads. I think they portray the beautiful simplicity of the NBA playoffs. Your team versus another, Who will win? The ads capture this and also bring us back to fond memories of past, increasing the NBA’s brand image.

12 04 2009
Kevin Beaudry

I think the new NBA playoff ads are great. Not only do they get the viewer to get excited about the upcoming playoffs but they also get them to remember all the great playoff moments of the past. People who will be drawn to these ads are already basketball fans so they do not need to be reminded that there are going to be playoff games soon, but they do get viewers who might only watch a few games to watch as many as they can simply becuase they hope to be there whan that “next amazing thing happens.”

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