Fashion, Sex and Violence

9 04 2009

From Holly Bates


The first thing that I thought of when I saw this ad was gang rape. The woman is being violently taken control by one man, while 3 others watch. And she doesn’t seem to be bothered or uncomfortable with this!
The women seem to be subserviant while the men are dominating.
They are linking fashion and sexiness with sexism and violence. I’ve noticed that a lot of high fashion designers have similiar ads to this. Why, i’m not sure? I understand that sex sells but i’m not sure while violent linked with sex sells?




2 responses

15 04 2009
Holly Bates

I think you bring up a lot of good points that I didn’t realize. I like how you noticed the subliminal message of being “at the top”. I agree that it reflects dominance/power, and social status but I also think the sexual dominance is a theme and is very valid to mention.

11 04 2009
Cristina Dunning

“They are linking fashion and sexiness with sexism and violence.” I disagree with this statement. Rather, I think the ad links Dolce & Gabbana to 1. Power and 2. Social Status. I see how “gang rape” can can be inferred, but I think you are missing the point: The ad reflects power.

The ad reflects power in men simply because he has pinned the woman down and the other three are allowed to watch. The ad reflects social status in women due to her attire: an expensive, little black dress and high heels. Status is also represented by the sky background which subliminally suggests that these four are “at the top.”

Finally, by comparing this ad to other Dolce & Gabbana ads, it is clear that the brand is known for advertising with (sometimes racy or provocative) DOMINANCE.

Other DOMINANCE-driven Dolce & Gabbana ads:

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