9 04 2009

From Sam McAlevy

This was the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen spot that was broadcast during the Super Bowl. Most movie TV spots and trailers attempt to at least set the premise for the movie, if not tell the whole story succinctly. This spot didn’t even try. Paramount Pictures makes it clear that this movie has two things: giant robots and big explosions. It’s an unorthodox route to promoting a movie; most try to seem sophisticated even when they’re not. It reminds me of something a friend said when The Fast and the Furious first came out. He said, “Even if the ads just said ‘this movie has fast cars and hot babes’ I still would have seen it.” It seems that Paramount has taken this route. Though Transformers being an established brand certainly helps, I would not be surprised if this new ad strategy is wildly successful, because if you’re not seeing Transformers 2 for the giant robots destroying things, and maybe a little Megan Fox, then why see it at all?




One response

12 04 2009
Jake Neilson

Precisely, I know that I am stereotyping myself as a dude but I loved the first “Transformers” because of my love of the old cartoon, new shiny cars and well, of course Megan Fox. I think becuase this is a sequel people know the basis of this movie and will go to it because they liked the first movie. I was overjoyed to see the new preview and it needed no explanation. “Transformers… Big robots, be awesome explosions, mech-fighting, and of course Megan Fox hopefully in even less clothes.” Awesome.

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