9 04 2009

From Nelofer Haider

I chose this video for my blog posting because I always knew ads were distorted I just never knew how distorted. I thought the video showing the women from beginning to end with make-up and computerized is so fascinating. I was also really impressed with Dove’s campaign from real beauty.




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22 04 2009
Kana Yajima

I was also impressed when I saw the ad in J201 and J320 classes. When i saw the ad, I felt like I cannot believe media (and everything). I like the Dove’s campaign which tries to change the stereotyped ideology of beauty, and I think the ad is really creating and succeeded in sending the campaign messages.

12 04 2009
Bonnie Shelton

I first saw this commercial in my women, minorities and the media class and was greatly impressed by the ad’s message. However, after showing it to a friend, I was informed that the same company that makes Dove products (Unilever) also makes Axe. It was very surprising to me that an ad campaign that so strongly seeks to devalue societal stereotypes about beauty would be in some way affiliated with another brand that has advertising that overtly enforces the opposite. This example shows that although some brands aim to target a certain demographic through positive images of female beauty, another brand, made by the same manufacturer, can take a totally different approach and undermine that goal simply through affiliation. I know some women who boycott the Dove brand altogether simply because of its connection to Axe and the Axe message as portrayed by its commercials. Knowing about this connection, would you?

12 04 2009
Renee Alvarado

I love the campaign for real beauty too but I have never seen this ad before. This is similar to the Apple and PC advertisements by positioning themselves against their competitors, although none were specifically named. I think this is a great and effective technique for a beauty company to use that most brands shy away from.

11 04 2009
Jessica Alger

I agree with you on this. I think Dove attacks a major issue that ads have created, the idea that women aren’t beautiful just the way there are. Especially in young adults and teens, constantly seeing these gorgeous women can severely harm someone’s self-esteem and what I like about this ad is that it finally sheds some light on the process that a woman goes through in order to become “beautiful”, a process that is computerized, a process that takes an average woman and turns her into a completely different one. Hopefully seeing this, young adults and teens will see that they are beautiful just the way they are, the differences that they see between a woman like the one in the ad and themselves, the things that make them unique, make them beautiful.

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