Squeak, squeak, squeak…

8 04 2009

From Jake Neilson

Speaking of banned condom commercials…This commercial was sent to me originally as a funny clip that my friends had found on Youtube. Aside from its nature of ‘balloon’ fornication it sticks with you. What better way to advertise condoms than by showing you what they are really used for? There could be arguments of decency from this ad but the characters are little ‘balloon’ animals. The whole point of this song is to shock you at the bluntness of its message and this ad does it quite well. One day I hope to make advertisements like these that spur people to be shocked and appalled because then I’ll know that I definitely got my message across.




3 responses

26 04 2009
Ashley Kirsininkas

I also saw this ad from a friend who posted it on facebook. I watched it and could not stop laughing. I thought it was such a different approach to a condom commercial. I love how rather than telling people to use a condom, they just show you. There is no talking in it, so you pay more attention to the visuals. I think it is very clever that they did this and although it would never be aired, I feel like a lot of people have seen this. Most people who I talk with can recall this ad and the company it is for. This shows that although it was not aired, it still has the “stickiness” to stick in someones mind. That is the main point of an advertisement I feel is to make the product and brand stick in the mind of the consumers. This ad does just that.

20 04 2009
Amanda Johnson

I had the same experience with this ad. I actually found it as a posting from a friend on his Facebook page and I found it absolutely hilarious. Of course I had to send it to all of my friends, who in turn sent it to all of their friends. I can only imagine that this trend has continued and it has been viewed on the computer screens of thousands of people.

I guess for being banned, it has still managed to get the air time it was made for, and in my opinion, deserves. It is quirky, memorable and shows just what the product is used for. I love this ad and I’m still showing it to people.

10 04 2009
Derek Allen

The decency argument falls flat when its placed on the internet. While that does not make it any more “obscene,” which we all know is tricky to define, its viewing is thus more voluntary through the active nature of internet use. That said, this ad is insidious.

During my biology class lecture on sexual selection, I recalled this ad and struggled to push the squeaking ad from my mind and focus on the discussion. How much of my inattention was the result of the latex and not disinterest or hunger will remain a mystery, but I remembered the commercial, the product, and the brand.

Certainly the goal of any ad is to do these things, but I suspect this particular ad of being a little more than just that. Viewing Adcritic earlier today, I noticed this ad was featured under the “Viral” section. Since viral advertisement can be incredibly effective and more and more companies attempt to “go viral”, I would not be surprised if this “banned” ad was an attempt to do that. I doubt that it was ever actually submitted to anything other than YouTube and advertising peers. Although attempts at edgy and guerrilla marketing may fail when their origin is noticeably overt, it’s a very clever ad, and if your friend is any indication, it may be in the process now.

Fantastic advertisement.

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