Resonating Red Bull

8 04 2009

From Eric Landon

I chose this advertisement for Red Bull because of our conversation about Internet advertising in class.  I think that this advertisement is a perfect example of how advertising on the Internet can be done very successfully.  This advertisement is shocking and comes across as just another youtube video that people would want to pass on to friends to see.  The only part of the video that mentions a product is at the beginning where Travis Pastrana drinks a Red Bull quickly and says “I hope this works.”  The advertisement is funny, it evokes resonance with Red Bull “gives you wings” commercials that everyone knows from television, and it is a shocking and insane stunt.  Red Bull has done a great job connecting themselves with the extreme sports world and a youtube video/commercial like this was a great way to advertise on the Internet.




6 responses

30 04 2009
Ryan Dols

Just to clarify, this is not an actual commercial. This is a clip from Travis Pastrana’s new Jackass inspired MTV television show Nitro Circus. While not an advertisement originally, it appears it has been turned into one. Great example of product placement.

13 04 2009
Jenna Naef

I realize there are already a plethora of comments on this ad, but I had to join in on the discussion because one: this is insane, and two: the internet has much to add to traditional advertising and Red Bull hit the nail on the head with this YouTube post. As others mentioned, this video ties in perfectly with Red Bull’s position as a drink for those who do extreme things, and with their slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” and the site they selected is an amazing way to weave their product further into the population. This YouTube ad shows the importance of researching the target market. Because Red Bull’s audience is a crowd likely to frequent YouTube the placement of the video on the site was spot on, and advertising in disguise, such as this, is an amazing way to get the word out without the pestering nature of a commercial. Good stuff. And I still can’t believe Travis Pastrana jumped out of the plane without a chute. He must have really trusted those other homies in the air!

9 04 2009
Eric Landon

In response to Mychal this was a viral ad made by Red Bull. Your response was exactly why I picked this ad, I found it fascinating and perfectly executed that Red Bull was able to make an ad that looked like a regular internet video. People will watch it without even realizing its an ad for Red Bull, and just the short mention of Red Bull at the beginning is enough when the audience is going to pass the video on to tons of people because of the content.

8 04 2009

I agree, I work for Red Bull and they are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to market and I think that direct and interactive advertising seems to work best! Oh and I think the use of athletes as spokes people is genius.

8 04 2009
Mychal Sargent

I agree with both of you, when it comes to internet advertising this is an inventive and impactful way to show off your product. But are you sure this is a commercial? It might not be coincidence that he drinks a red bull before he jumps, but the rest of the video seems to be just that, a video. One reason it makes me think this might not be a commercial, is that it would be very easy to miss him drinking the red bull at the beginning, and then there would be nothing but a guy jumping from a plane without a chute. The product placement is there and therefore it is and advertisement, but was this made for red bull or for the guy jumping from the plane?

8 04 2009
andrew baldwin

I think this is a great commercial that hits Red Bull’s target audience right between the eyes. It also exposes itself to a huge group of viewers that frequent You Tube seeing as this is a popular video. The stunt itself is jarring, and to have your product being the main theme is incredibly successful.

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