Pepsi max: tough?

8 04 2009

From Stephen Murray:

Let’s face it: though being injured is a pain, seeing other people get hurt can be pretty funny if it is shown in the right way. The man in the commercial gets hurt several times in comical fashion, followed by the mock-serious deep voice which adds to the effect, giving the message about Pepsi Max along with its ridiculous portrayal of masculine toughness.




One response

8 04 2009
Nick Cody

I think this was an effective ad for the Pepsi Max product, as I remember it aired during the Super Bowl and definitely entertained me. Unfortunately, I just can’t see Pepsi Max being that successful simply because the product is very, very poor. I just don’t like it, and don’t know anyone that really does? With the energy drink market growing with more and more brands to compete with the traditional “Red Bull”s of the world, where does Pepsi Max really fit in?

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