More good simple advertising

8 04 2009

From Parriz Lucas

I chose this Winter Gap ad because to me it is a great example of good advertising.  There is nothing to complex about the commercial.  It just consists of young people dancing and singing to a great classic song.  When you watch it, you almost forget that this is a T.V. ad.  It looks like the people that are in the commercial are somewhere in their 20’s.  They are not all done up to look like models; they look like every day people I could see around campus.  Because this commercial and many other Gap commercials are so easy to relate too, it puts a good name to their brand and makes people want to go out and get their latest Winter gear.




One response

8 04 2009
Justin Hiserote

In response to the commercial not being complex:

The finished commercial that we see doesn’t appear to be complex, but it was probably painstaking to complete. The audio would have been done separately (which is true for the vast majority of ads). The people that we see are basically lip syncing along to the track.
The next task is to edit the material and make sure that the mouths line up with the audio. This could easily take several days to a week to do. If the mouths don’t line up with the words it becomes obvious that it was dubbed. They don’t want us to think that it is dubbed because it takes away from the commercial.
When watching the Youtube clip the mouths don’t line up, but that is a problem with Youtube (usually an audio sync problem). When it is on TV this problem generally does not occur, but when it does it can either be annoying or hilarious.
Lots of work, time, and money for what seems to most as only a simple 30 second ad.

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