M & Ms & Sex

8 04 2009

From Ashley Kirsinikas

I chose this advertisement because I found it interesting the type of strategies they used to create the advertisement. The company basically used the idea that “sex sells”. I thought this was an interesting representation of M&Ms. This is a different form of M&M advertisement than I am used to seeing. Most of their advertisements have been directed towards children who love candy, but using the green M&M, the company took a different turn with their advertising. They are starting to advertise to more teens and adults using these types of ads.




4 responses

5 05 2009
Yuki Nakamura

I think it is a really new type of M & Ms advertisment, because this is M & Ms “premiums” ad. The product is different from ordinary M & Ms, therefore the ad should be different as well. The ad focuses on sexy green M & Ms, it reveals that sex can catch people attention. People are always interested in sex and sexy girls or guys, like colorful three characters of M & Ms in the ad.

12 04 2009
Kelsey Brassil

I also think this is an interesting approach for an M&Ms ad. At first I thought it was a little ridiculous they would use this approach, but I see how they were trying to change it up a bit advertising the new kind of M&M. They seemed to have tried to make the packaging nicer and appeal to a new audience as well, so maybe a mixture of the both will give the new M&Ms a more “mature” feel than regular M&Ms that seem maybe more for kids.

10 04 2009
Holly Bates

I agree. I think they are wanting a more mature audience and to do this, they need to change the theme of the commercials. I find it goofy that ads even sexualize candy now. They just put some eyelashes on her and give her a sultry voice and there we go! Are they thinking they can sell more candy to adults?

8 04 2009
Nelofer Haider

I thought this ad was really interesting as well. I thought it was funny that started to target a new audience. I love M&M’s and green so I love that bag that has all green M&M’s. I wonder why they started to target a new audience with sex?

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