I Want Those Sweeties

8 04 2009

From Allison Kjar:

I choose this commercial because its funny and advertises condoms in a completely new way. The first time I saw it I had no idea what the advertisement was for. I was caught completely off guard by the ‘Use Condoms.’ tag line and couldn’t help but laugh. I think the advertisers advertise these condoms in a new way by showing the potential downside, aka the screaming five-year-old, of not using a condom. Typically, advertisers only show the fun stuff before a condom is needed and not what might result if one isn’t used. It was important the advertisers did this in a comedic fashion, making the audience laugh and therefore more willing to buy their product.




4 responses

20 04 2009
Amanda Johnson

It is quite ironic that I found this commercial on our blog because I literally just watched it for the first time on YouTube. My friend just happened to suggest it when she found out what I was looking for innovative commercials for this class. She didn’t tell me what the commercial was about, so the end to me was a complete shock as well. As I was watching the commercial I definitely had a connection because I have been in that poor guy’s shoes when I’ve taken my nephews to the store. So not only did I get a chuckle out of this poor guy’s misery, but I laughed even harder when the final caption appeared on the screen! I actually just sent the YouTube link to my parents because I know that they will be able to relate to what the poor guy is going through and I know they will have the same reaction that I did to the end.

I agree with everyone’s comments about how this is an innovative way of approaching condom usage. It could be used as both a pregnancy awareness ad and a condom ad. I also feel that because I was compelled to send it to my parents, this is a commercial that can have many different target audiences.

13 04 2009
Kelsey Abbott

I found this commercial to be hilarious. I think that this company did a good job of promoting their condoms. A lot of times condom commercials rarely focus on the idea of what risks two people could take if they do to practice safe sex, such as having a child. I think this commercial was not only funny, but also entertaining, because it leaves the viewer questioning what the commercial is going to be about. I did not realize this was a commercial for condoms untill the very end, very funny and clever.

13 04 2009
Masahiro Aoyama

I like this commercial because its so funny. Also, the story is well-described.
At the beginning of the story no one talked, its silent, then the boy begins to cry. At first, no one can think that this is about condoms, so this has the huge impact.

13 04 2009
Jenna Naef

I also find this commercial very funny and effective at capturing attention and interest. The use of a screaming child in a grocery store was a good idea because such an event is something everyone can relate to. Kids throwing public tantrums is the nightmare of parents around the world, and something that is either very obtrusive to the peace and well-being of those surrounding, or highly entertaining. In this commercial, because the viewer is not actually standing down the isle from the screaming fiasco, I believe it is safe to say that the scene put on by the boy is entertaining, and that the audience feels for the helpless father. While creative and funny, the commercial is also borderline offensive. After the viewer discovers that the ad is in fact a condom ad the wheels begin to turn, and soon the conclusion can be made that it is being suggested that the father wishes he had never had this child. Although this may not be the intention of the light hearted ad this did come to mind, at least for me. When ads walk a fine line between entertaining and inappropriate, as this does, I feel that they are highly effective because whether a person realizes it or not I think that there is a subliminal attractive to the inappropriate. And if this is totally off – hey, at least the viewer will remember the ad, and therefore the product.

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