Speaking of advertising to kids…

7 04 2009

…what do you think of this commercial?




One response

7 04 2009
Jake Neilson

Aside from the burger “King” being extremely creepy, I do not think that this article went too far. We may be advertising to kids, but at that age, I was singing that song and listening to it on my cassette player too. It even incorporates Spongebob Squarepants who has been a part of kid cartoon staples for years. The jokes in his show are no different from the context of this song. They are singing a song about square booties and BK value meals. The background song is even edited and is much more ‘kid friendly’. There are always going to be advertisements for kids, to be honest, this is going to get their attention. This ad is funny and employs a good amount of kid humor; I don’t think any kid can say ‘booty’ without smirking. It’s memorable and so ludicrous that anyone can find it entertaining.

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